by Deb

On September 14, 1998, the writers at General Hospital had Brenda Barrett drive her car off a cliff, and the character has not been seen since. At that time the head writer, Bob Guza, Jr., assured us savvy viewers that Brenda was not dead and that she would return, even calling the story "A Miracle of a Lifetime," but he has yet to fulfill that promise to us. Imagine, if you will, that the character of Brenda had stayed on the show, and that instead of having to watch Jax suffer through Monte Carlo and a few other indignities over the past few months, we savvy viewers had actually gotten to see him mourning Brenda and then finding her again within the span of just a few weeks. This story follows that premise as I would have written it if I were head writer, and I have added a few characters -- some original, some already found on General Hospital -- to thicken the plot a bit. I hope you'll enjoy my version of
"A Miracle of a Lifetime"

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