By: Sue

As soon as Jax saw the restored Victorian house at 214 Port Charles Place he
knew this house was meant for him and Brenda. It was exactly what he had been
looking for, and he knew that he had found the perfect Christmas present for
Brenda for their first Christmas as husband and wife. And as soon as she walked
into the house, Brenda fell in love with it, and she knew immediately this place
was meant for them.

But as Brenda decorated their new home, strange -- though innocuous -- things
began to occur -- things that had no logical explanation. Questions began to arise.
Who were the Stanhopes, the family that built the house, and what happened to
them? Where were their descendents now, and why had they sold the house?

Once they were settled in the house, the inexplicable occurrences seemed to stop
and Brenda and Jax reveled in their love for each other and in their love for their
new home. But then strange things began to happen again, but this time not all of
them were so harmless…

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