by Sue

Jasper Jacks had everything a man could want. Or did he? He was handsome, rich and very successful in business. He was also very bored! There was no challenge in his life. He had just completed a multi-billion dollar business deal and was not eager to start another. In fact, he was desperately looking for things to occupy his time so he would not have to go back to work. Little did he know that things were about to change. When Lois Cerillo-Ashton walked in his door that day she would lead him to the greatest challenge of his life - the woman who would steal his heart forever!

Brenda Barrett on the other hand was obviously miserable. She had just gotten out of a very abusive relationship and it had left her with scars, deep scars. She had a very full professional life with her high profile modeling career and part ownership of a record company. What she was missing was emotional security. She was not willing or able to trust anyone, especially a man. When she walked in the door of the Presidential Suite of the Port Charles Hotel on Valentine's Day that was all about to change. She just didn't realize it.

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